Retub CEO and founder, Veronica Shannon, came up with the idea of creating retub when working in a busy office job in Melbourne, Australia. Despite having a reusable cup, water bottle and bags handy, each day, her personal rubbish bin was full of food packaging waste.  She decided to do something about it and retub was born! 

At its core, retub acknowledges that life is busy and convenience is here to stay. It also acknowledges that if we want people to live sustainably, we must make it easy to use, not just for the consumers but also the people selling food. 

The Urban Bento shares the same mission with Retub: To make living sustainably easy and desirable. 

The idea of retub didn't stop at just reusable lunch box for consumers. Retub also went "beyond the box" and created a program called ReswapReswap is the container exchange program that is built-in to the retub design. It makes using a retub faster, easier and even more sustainable!

When a cafe participates in Reswap, their customers can pick up their lunch in seconds, already served and warm or quickly plated up in a freshly washed glass insert. Simply swap a used glass insert with a clean one and serve. The used insert can then be washed, ready to use with the next customer.  

Retub inserts have standard sizes, giving cafes confidence in portion sizes and the ability to ensure that the container their food is served in is clean and hygienic. The customer keeps their lid, vents and base, so their retub never loses its personality, whether they are a Green Thumb or a Corporate Hipster!

Cafes can purchase additional inserts at a subsidised rate to make sure there are always enough to serve your busy customers.