Monbento Tresor Graphic Cinnamon Fox


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W16 x D9.2 x H10.4 cm
800ml/27 floz
Product Characteristics:
Food Safe, BPA-Free, Leakproof, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe.
What Do You Get:
1 container + 2 food cups; 1 customisation zone + 5 tokens included.
When using microwave:
Heat up without the lid. Maximum heating time 3 mins at 500W. Stir the food at half-way of the heating.
When using dishwasher:
It's recommended to put them on upper rack and select gentle wash cycle mode.
3 years
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The MB Tresor kids lunch box is a small box but it is designed to hold all of your kids’ balanced meals. It can be taken everywhere, school, play room, outdoors and even school trips. The rounded corners has been considerably designed for kids' safety and to enhance the impact resistance. Choose from different colours and let you kids start to personalise the MB Tresor with a selection of removable tags , making it easy to identify while encouraging creativity and sharing.




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