Monbento Original Jungle


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W18.5 x D9.4 x H10 cm
2 x 500ml
Product Characteristics:
Food Safe, BPA-Free, Leakproof, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe.
What Do You Get:
2 containers + 1 top lid (PBT); 2 intermediary lids + 1 food cup sized 1/4 (PP); 2 cap seals (Silicone); 1 elastic band (Elasthanne)
When using microwave:
Lift up the silicon cap before heating. Maximum heating time 3 mins at 500W. Stir the food at half-way of the heating.
When using dishwasher:
It's recommended to put them on upper rack and select gentle wash cycle mode.
3 years
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MB Original Jungle features unique organic motifs or patterns that aids overall food presentation and offers visual satisfaction! Check out the MB Original if you are looking for solid and vibrant coloured bento boxes.