About Us

The Urban Bento began with Annie and Yvonne - two lovely friends living the city life in Perth. Their shared passion for fresh food sparked the idea of providing lunchbox solutions for busy urbanites to eat well on the run.

Fast forward 3 years and The Urban Bento continues their journey Beyond the Box with Sem and Davina.

What does our slogan “Beyond the Box” mean?

The “Box” we refer to here is a metaphorical one. :)

We believe that urbanites all over the world are faced with the challenge of working and living in a fast-paced world, or what we call “The Box”. While many try to make daily tasks convenient and time efficient, not many aim to make them sustainable too.

So, please join us on our journey Beyond the Box! :)

We are passionate about providing our fellow urbanites (that’s you!) sustainable solutions, starting with the most important human need – food and drink!

Our aim is to help you live a healthy and sustainable life through minimalism. We’re here to provide the solutions so you can spend your time looking good and feeling great, especially because you’re lending a hand to the environment!

What you can look forward to:

  1. High quality products that you will love using over and over again.
  2. Lunchbox inspirations including vegetarian and vegan lunchbox solutions (you’ll be surprised how tasty and easy it can be!).
  3. Workshops and tips to lead a sustainable, healthy and minimalist lifestyle.